New Bronco Raptor Trim Set to Debut in April


The debut will happen after the total solar eclipse.
  • New blacked-out Bronco Raptor is coming in April
  • The debut is happening after the total solar eclipse
  • Bronco customers are offered with $1,995 two-night camping package to see the eclipse
Ford announced that a new Bronco Raptor with a Blackout package will debut at a special Bronco Off-Roadeo event in Texas on April 8 following the total solar eclipse.

The Blue Oval company didn't go into details about what's inside the Blackout package. But as the name suggests, the go-to motif should be black, which should be interesting to see considering most of the design elements are already blacked-out off the lot. The mighty 3.0-liter V6 EcoBoost engine with up to 440 horsepower should be retained.

Unique Experience To Witness The Eclipse​

The event happening at the Bronco Off-Roadeo, an off-road driving school located in several states including Las Vegas, is open to Bronco and Bronco Sport customers for $1,995 for two nights of camping for up to four people.

The camping package consists of five meals and 60 guided Bronco Off-Roadeo trail drive slots, the latter of which is available to campers on a first-come, first-serve basis. A more affordable Half-Day Adventure package is also offered for $595, which provides two meals and a four-hour off-road excursion with assistance from trail guides.

Ford boasts that the Bronco Off-Roadeo Texas is the place to be to see the total eclipse expected to last approximately four minutes and 13 seconds. It will be visible within a 115-mile wide band from central Mexico to eastern Canada.


Bronco Raptor Is Going Dark Mode​

Of note, participants must bring their high-riding Ford Bronco to join the two-night camping experience. They must also have their own camping shelter and sleeping accommodations.

"94 percent of people who attend Bronco Off-Roadeo give it a 5-star review, according to our surveys. Now we're offering Bronco and Bronco Sport customers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that adds another star to the mix," said Matt Simpson, general manager, Ford Enthusiast Vehicles.

Upon the debut of the new Ford Bronco Raptor Blackout trim, the off-roader SUV will join the F-150 Lightning with the Platinum Black Package as blacked-out trims in the brand's lineup.


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Aug 17, 2022
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It'll be interesting to see what Ford does with the Bronco Raptor Black out package. If they follow suit with the Ford Lightning Platinum Black package we might see a Matt Black Wrap with black out parts and a special black interior.



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