Transmission fluid leak - 250 miles on odometer


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Feb 13, 2024
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South Florida
I bought my new Oxford White Bronco Raptor last weekend and with just 250 miles on it, I have a transmission fluid leak. The leak is at the cooler on the grill. Looks like a bad coil.

My dealer said, "I will order the part and call you when it is in."

I thought I would just top off the transmission fluid, but that is very difficult.

The transmission fluid dip stick and fill tube are absent. There is a plug on the side of the transmission for access and the bash plate must be removed to get at it. The reasoning is that there should not be a need until 150k miles to do anything with it. At 150k miles, the transmission fluid filter should be changed.

I still love this vehicle. but....

Two weeks later, Ford fixed the problem by replacing the intercooler. I am happy again.
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