Just released:

New bump stop kits for the Bronco Raptor. Both front and rear kits got released today. Both kits use full size 2.5" diameter and 2.5" travel bump stops. Get the kit with your choice of Fox, King, or ADS bumps. These first to market kits can be ordered now.

Front bump stop kit works with the stock lower arm and also incorporates a limit strap to help keep the top hats alive, especially when adding aftermarket springs. It uses the stock lower arm with a bolt on mount for the bump pad and limit strap attachment. The bump can assembly is welded to the frame in the front. This kit will also work with our fabricated lower arm kit that's coming out later this year. That will allow you to also add a secondary bypass shock and keep stock width. A plus 3" wider kit will follow that and keep the bump stop mounts the same across all kits. The front kit will also still work with our front lower arm skid plate kit.

Rear bump stop kit is a completely bolt on kit that mounts to the rear frame over the stock bump stop mount location. The kit has bolt on axle pads that mount on the rear axle and use the stock shock mount bolts to keep it in the right spot. The rear kit will work with our rear shock guards and other accessories with no problem.


Check them out. Just rolling the first batch into production so it will be a few weeks before delivery. Get your orders in now so you dont miss out on the first run and have to wait.


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