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    Is the 2022 Ford Bronco Raptor a Good SUV? 5 Things We Like, 4 We Don’t

    After drivng the the Braptor will overr 40K miles over the last 1.5 years I can say, this is an incredable vehicle and very capable. The +'s greatly out weigh any -'s. Handling, peformance, ride, comfort and capability are all there! the added with has way more positives than most people give it...
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    The Ford Bronco Raptor Makes 418 HP with Turbo V6

    Engineering degree in most cases
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    Any idea on Raptor loaded out the door price?? Not counting what the dealer adds.
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    2022 Ford Bronco Raptor Coming in at 15 MPG City and 16 MPG Highway

    They have been released now, 418hp and 440tq
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    Bronco Raptor Towing capacity

    Just my thought, after you get time behind the wheel of the Braptor you will find the Wrangler will be parked more and more often.
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    Top View of Bronco Raptor

    My Wrangler is a joke to this thing. It will be on the auction block at some point! I will own a BRaptor at some point!
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    Top View of Bronco Raptor

    Here ya go
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